Formulated to relieve chesty coughs, hoarseness and sore throats and help loosen
catarrh to make coughs more productive and breathing easier.



Mix warm water with thyme (an antiseptic that can help relax the muscles in the respiratory system) and honey to relieve the tickling.

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Dosage Instructions:

Children under six


Children six to ten

No changes to the dosage instructions.
Please follow the dosage directions currently stated on the pack:

One to two 5ml spoonfuls to be given 4 hourly by mouth as required.

Please ask a pharmacist or healthcare professional if you need further advice

Product Description:

Please do not be concerned if you have given Tixylix® Chesty Cough recently to a child under six.

The MHRA have advised that this product will not be removed from shelves and so will continue to be used in children six to ten whilst the instructions on the packaging are being updated.

If you are unsure about what to do following the recent change in advice, please ask your pharmacist or healthcare professional for up to date advice on treating your child’s cough and cold symptoms.

Tixylix® Chesty Cough (contains guaifenesin).
Always read the label.