Keeping your child entertained at home all day can be a difficult task for any parent, especially on a budget. Tixylix is here to inspire you with some little tricks to try with ordinary items you most probably already have at home. 

Here are 6 fun and creative ways to entertain your child with items which can be found in your wardrobe:

Turn your shoe pile into games

How many pairs of shoes have you got lurking at the bottom of your wardrobe? Here's a great excuse to have a clear-out, but not without making a mess first! Throw all the shoes into a pile and set your child the task of finding and pairing a certain pair of shoes. You can race each other until every pair is paired up again, or make things more difficult by tying different shoes together. Bonus points - you might just find the matched shoe you’ve been looking for for years!

Re-enact Little Red Riding Hood

It’s one of the oldest children’s tales out there, and it’s still a classic. Get your little ones into the imaginative spirit by having them re-enact the famous story – you can dress them up as Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma or the big bad wolf itself. The best part is the big reveal, when Little Red finds Grandma hidden in the wardrobe! This one is ideal for kids who don’t mind the occasional jumpy surprise.

Create your own Narnia

Your wardrobe gets to play the starring role in your re-telling of the CS Lewis classic. Keep the kids in suspense and redecorate the bedroom to turn it into your very own Narnia – the more magical, the better! Now is your chance to get creative, from using white bedsheets and duvets for a snowy scene, to playing the main characters. Will you be the brave lion, Aslan, or the wicked witch? When all the games are over, sit down and read the classic novels to your little ones.

Play dress up

Ever needed an excuse to throw out some old clothes? Why not get the kids involved? You can turn your Marie Kondo session into a game with the children – anything that’s good for charity can have one last hurrah as you play dress up. Have fun picking out outfits for one another, from old costumes to looks that belong in decades gone by! It will be a riot for the kids and you might just get a few laughs too – particularly as you reminisce about everything you used to wear.

Give yourselves a makeover

Great if you’ve got a wardrobe with a built-in mirror or vanity case. Treat them like Hollywood starlets as you style their hair or try on costumes. This is also a great learning experience for younger children. Studies show that children begin to recognise their own reflection from around 20 to 24 months, so you’re instilling a sense of self-awareness as well as having fun playing dress-up!

Give the wardrobe a makeover!

Who says the decorations have to be limited to the fridge door? Have fun personalising your home furniture by bringing arts and crafts to your wardrobe. Supervise your little ones to add photos, stickers and drawings to the doors. Use safe adhesive materials like blu tack to protect the kids – and your wardrobe! Let them flex their creative muscles and give your wardrobe a personalised touch, full of memories.