Keeping your child entertained at home all day can be a difficult task for any parent, especially on a budget. Tixylix is here to inspire you with some little tricks to try with ordinary items you most probably already have at home.

Here are 7 fun and creative ways to entertain your child with items which can be found on your bed:

Try pretend camping

When they’re too little for real camping, or the weather is just too chilly outside, bring the camping experience inside! Lay duvets out on the floor to create a ‘camp bed’ or bring in sleeping bags for an even more authentic experience. Add a torch or hang double bed sheets from bunk beds to recreate a ‘tent’ – you could even have a cheeky midnight snack.

Tell spooky stories

Turn off the lights, grab a torch and tell spooky stories! Keep them light-hearted for the little ones, perhaps ending in a loud ‘boo!’ or a tickle for extra giggles. Get snuggled up under the covers and make it more fun with owl noises or other animals. The only limit is their imagination. Remember to tell them it’s make believe, and make sure they’re not unsettled before bedtime.

Have a pillow fight

Remember – only do this in a fun and controlled manner! Use smaller pillows for little ones, and only have children of the same size taking on one another. Stay within easy reach of the bed so there’s no danger of falling into corners or hard surfaces. Make a set of ground rules, for example only five minutes’ play and only hitting the middle of the body. Just don’t use your best pillows!

Play ghosts

Bed sheets and duvet covers do so much more than keep us snuggled up at night – they also make great costumes. If you’ve got an old bedsheet you’re thinking about throwing away, cut out a pair of eyeholes and let your little ones dress up as ghosts. You can also make ‘wedding dresses’ or togas – a great excuse to teach the little ones about history! You can play Roman emperor and rule over the little ones without spending a fortune on a costume.

Be your own superheroes

Sometimes, Superman just isn’t available. What’s a parent to do? Put on a cape and fly in yourself, of course! Standard bed clothes make for the perfect cape – single sheets for the little ones, and doubles for the adults. It’s not just superheroes either. Put on your best Dracula voice and awaken their imaginations with a little hero versus villain interaction. You could even use this to incentivise them to help out around the home: help Mum and Dad tidy up, and we’ll play superheroes!

Ride the waves

When it’s too chilly to get down to the seaside, bring the beach home. Use duvet covers to encapsulate the little one and mimic tidal waves - you could even use pillows as surfboards or sharks! Encourage them to close their eyes and imagine they’re surfing along the raging seas. There could be all manner of dangers, from sea life to pirates. Are they up for the challenge?

Organise their toys

How many of your little ones’ clothes, toys and other items get lost under the bed? Get your excavation gear on and go hunting under the bed to find their most prized possessions. You can make a game out of organising their toys, from species of animals to alphabetical toys or however your child wants to do it. This will teach them the key disciplines of tidiness and organisation, while they might just discover a toy they’ve not played with for weeks. You could even find enough toys to host a tea party, where they can show off their neat and tidy new display to a large audience. Everyone’s a winner!