Keeping your child entertained at home all day can be a difficult task for any parent, especially on a budget. Tixylix is here to inspire you with some little tricks to try with ordinary items you most probably already have at home.

Here are 7 fun and creative ways to entertain your child with items you’d normally use to clean:

Have a karaoke session

We all have dreams of unleashing our inner rock star. You and the kids can create your very own rock concert with a few kitchen items and a little imagination. Turn the broom over and you’ve got a microphone stand, or take it back to the 80s with your very own mop hairstyle! Guitars come easily with anything that has a long handle, while pots and kitchen utensils are a fab set of drums. Crank up the volume and get on with the show.

Make your own puppets

Those rubber gloves come in handy for more than just doing the dishes! Turn them into a puppet show by filling them with air – you can get a giggle out of the kids by playing tickles with inflated gloves, or even make your own chickens. If you have many pairs, you can create a whole host of farmyard animals. Alternatively, if you and your kids are arts and crafts types, try filling a rubber glove with plaster of Paris and letting it set. Use water-based paints to decorate them with patterns, symbols and colourful shapes. This makes for a funky jewellery stand.

Create sponge paints

You’ve probably got hundreds of dish sponges lurking under the sink. Why not make them a bit more fun than just cleaning up old baked beans? Dip those sponges in water-based, non-toxic paints to create a work of art. They’re easier to grip onto than paintbrushes – ideal for little hands. Once you’re done, add a splash of colour to your kitchen by adding the paintings to the fridge. That’s one way to brighten up your kitchen that’s far more fun than cleaning!

Bath time

Some really little ones are small enough to be bathed in the sink, but for something more fun, try using the washing up bowl with your child’s toys. Take those action figures to the beach or give their mini ponies a bath. To make it even more exciting, use washing up liquid to add bubbles – the perfect bubble bath for that pampering session the toys deserve!

Take a walk on the wild side

Got a big feather duster hanging around? Leave the cobwebs until later – these make for great props! Teach the kids all about the animals you see in the zoo, from ostriches to peacocks. Use your imagination to embody the spirit of furry animals. You can teach your little ones all about the movements and noises these animals make – chances are, you’ll probably get a few giggles out of them too.

Make your own bubbles

There’s no need to buy your own bubble kits when all you need is washing up liquid and a dispenser. You can make your own dispenser out of a plastic straw, a pipe cleaner or a plastic bottle with a hole in it. Keep the washing up liquid away from the children and let them sit back and watch the show as you blow out bubbles. You’ll light up their imagination without spending a penny. Have fun popping the bubbles together!

Play water guns

If you’ve got an old spray bottle hanging around, you could turn this into an easy-to-use squirt gun. Make sure there is no chemical residue and rinse several times before refilling with water. Once you’re done spritzing the house plants, you can turn your sprayers into water guns! For safe play, take the water guns outside into the garden or anywhere away from electrical devices.